Saturday, 5 May 2007


As you all know, there are about 111,892 agents.
We have made a secret disguise suit and an invisible disguise suit. You can buy these in Spy Mart. Agent 24 will be asking all of your questions...

They only cost 56 spybucks.

Letters to Agents

Hello Agents.

The new mission is yet to be discovered now.
Estrus has just stolen our newest time-machine. You all need to work as team. Use your Skanu Pcs and download the Agent CCTV. You will have to create a Spider Robot with a camera inside. This will follow Estrus wherever he goes.

And if you're a true agent, you can sneak into his building, stick the robot at the back of the time-machine and you'll be able to know where he is.

If you're finding dfficulties making the robot, here's a tip: buy the Spy Pen in SkyMart. Dress up in disguise. Pretend to be interviewing Estrus. This will be seen on the screen of your PCs.

I'm counting on you all. Remember not to be seen.

Newest Mission

To: Agents
From: The Chief

Hello, Agents! This is The Chief.

There is an exclusively amazing mission for you to discover! I have delivered all the information to all the agents.

--The Chief--